Jake Degtoff, Ambassador

Jake Degtoff, Ambassador

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Liberty Mutual Insurance



This native Texan has had a wide variety of experiences.  While currently a licensed insurance agent for Liberty Mutual, Jake has had jobs ranging from training college students to run a business, selling education materials to families with Southwestern Advantage, coaching gymnastics, to packing parachutes.  Jake is an active member in the BNI 360 chapter.  Jake specializes in personal insurance policy review, and can write policies with multiple carriers.

Howdy!  My name is Jake, and I love the company I work with.  Part of my job I do exceedingly well is finding out what coverages best fit my prospects, confirming my prospect knows the differences between coverages, and educating those that need it.  I would like to chat with you about your current situation and find out how I can help you and your family.  Worst case scenario is, you find out you are properly covered and getting a good rate.   I may discover an important coverage your current company may be limiting or not even covering!

Licensed to sell in Texas: Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Annuities.”




Jake Degtoff, Ambassador