Wired Orthodontics has partnered with Operation Blue Santa!

Christmas time is right around the corner and Wired Orthodontics has partnered with Operation Blue Santa and have adopted a family again this year. The family consists of a single mom with 4 kiddos, ranging from ages 8-15.

If you find it in your heart to donate this Holiday season, please find a brief description of each family member listed below with their special requests.

Mom-Stephanie (31): Wears a size Large in shirts and 16 in pants. Wears a size 7.5 shoe. Requests shoes & pants (preferably stretchy).

Hector (14): Wears a size Adult Large in shirts and 34 pants (men sizing). Wears a size 10 in shoes. Likes video games, remote control cars, and football.

Ana (13): Wears a size 11 in women’s pants and a Medium in women’s shirts. Wears a size 8 in shoes. She is into make-up and jewelry and needs pants (preferably stretchy).

Jesus (8): Wears a size 8 or 9 in boys. Wears a size 2 in shoes. He is into Captain America, Batman, Superman, etc.

Christina (15): Wears a size 11 in women’s pants and a Medium in women’s shirts. Wears a size 8.5 in shoes. Into Science (she’s a tomboy compared to Ana).

The family LOVES pizza and enjoys going to Pizza Hut. They also like Walmart and HEB. The boys like GameStop and the girls like Rue 21!

The last day to bring gifts will be Thursday, December 21st, as they will be delivering the gifts on Friday, December 22nd.