Four Points Area Traffic Update – RM 620 / FM 2222 – Out of CAMPO 2020 plan due to no Funding

RM 620 / FM 2222 – Out of CAMPO 2020 plan due to no Funding

Traffic relief along the RM 620 corridor will happen in multiple steps – TxDOT believes the first and most critical step is the restructuring of the RM 620 / FM 2222 intersection and the widening of FM 2222. This project will benefit neighbors and businesses by improving flow and reducing traffic back-ups.  This plan has previously been presented to Chamber members and has been discussed widely in area news coverage as well. The plan has wide support from elected officials as well but currently lacks funding.  The construction could possibly start as soon as 2019 if funding was identified.

Because funding for this critical project has not yet been identified, it was removed on June 9th from the CAMPO regional TIP or Transportation Improvement Plan for 2017 – 2020. This means it is not currently slated to be constructed when plans are ready and could wait additional years to be implemented.

You can speak up in support of funding and including the “RM 620 / FM 2222 intersection and widening improvements” in the 2017-2020 TIP by sending an email to or by sending US mail to “CAMPO, PO Box 1088, Austin, Texas 78767”.

You are also encouraged to contact your city, county and state representatives to voice your support and to encourage them to come to a funding solution for this critical project. 

Signals being added to Steiner Ranch Blvd. and RM 620

The intersection of Steiner Ranch Blvd. and RM 620 is due for a safety improvement with the addition of a full service traffic light according to TXDoT and Travis County. With the development of the business park adjacent to the intersection, and the continued growth of traffic volume transiting the intersection on RM 620, it became apparent that safety and efficiency considerations necessitated the installation of controls. The project will provide improved and safer access to businesses and residences along Steiner Ranch Blvd.

The project includes a dedicated left turn lane and signal from RM 620 into Steiner Ranch Blvd and a signal controlled left turn out of Steiner Ranch Blvd. onto southbound RM 620. In a second phase of the project, a new protected right turn lane out of Steiner Ranch Blvd. onto a new 3rd auxiliary lane heading northbound RM 620 and concrete dividers will be installed. The project also includes coordinated signaling between the light at Comanche Trail and the new light at Steiner Ranch Blvd.

Other options considered included re-aligning Steiner Ranch Blvd and Comanche Trail, but these options were eliminated over cost and environmental issues.

If you have any questions or concerns with this project, please contact Brian Thompto who was part of the neighborhood and Chamber input team for this project:

Ranch Road 620 and Steiner Ranch Blvd, Future Traffic Signal

Ranch Road 620 and Steiner Ranch Blvd, Future Traffic Signal