Abercorn International’s New Headmistress to Deliver International Baccalaureate Program and Focus Austin’s Young on Global Education

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The transatlantic future of Austin; Abercorn International’s new

Headmistress to deliver International Baccalaureate program and

focus Austin’s young on global education.


Austin’s explosion as fastest growing city is hardly under exposed in the media, but

there is still a need for emphasis on an underpinning for success: the global

development of our city. At the heart of this sustained development is the need for a

globally focused international curriculum – promoting global awareness, tolerance, deep

academics and second language instruction from the earliest age.


Add this to British Airways announcing the first non-stop London-Austin route

commencing this spring, and momentous partnerships with world-class British

institutions such as Formula One, and the Austin Visitor’s Bureau sponsoring the NME

Music Awards. These links between the fastest growing metro city in the USA and one of

the cornerstone world cities mean that the international connection for Austin is growing

leaps and bounds by the month.


Despite this growing focus, what Austin has lacked are actual schools (not just theories

and conferences) where students can actually be trained in what we’ve worked so hard

to promote as important to be competitive. Until now… Abercorn International School,

focuses on precisely what Austin has tried to gain a foothold in: advanced education for

grade school students from two and a half years old, with focus on tangible facets of

globalization such as adoption of a second and third language (including Mandarin), and

the best technology available to students as early as age two! Abercorn International

even introduces their students to technology as advanced as interactive smartboards

and 3D printers (great photo opp here!), enhancing the quality of learning and the

application of technology for all students, regardless of their age.


Few cities lead the way in education the way Austin does – and as a school that is part of

a group with a global footprint already (established schools in London and New York) and

a twenty six year track record of delivering exceptional education, Abercorn International

helps Austin joins these other elite cities to provide superior education.


This week they announce a new leader for the school, Mrs. Dusty Fretwell, who brings her

own experience of growing up ‘transatlantic’ and the benefits that children will carry for a

lifetime if trained this way, enabling them to compete on a global scale with what was

once only offered to the elite in cities like New York and London. Her focus will be on

continuing the excellence of education that Abercorn International has become known

for, as well as driving the school towards formal accreditation by the International

Baccalaureate Organization late this spring to become an IBO World School.


This news announcement of a new headmistress provides an excellent opportunity for

media coverage around globalization and the focus of SXSWedu. We would love to

speak with you about developing a story.



For more information on Abercorn International School, please

visit www.abercorninternational.org or call +1 512 263 8160.

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