Four Points Chamber of Commerce Partners with the WordPress Austin Meetup a WordPress Educational Series


DATE: June 19, 2013

CONTACT: Ray Freer

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Four Points Chamber of Commerce Partners with WordPress Austin Meetup to Bring a WordPress Educational Series to Four Points

Building and Administering Your WordPress Site for Beginners Series

Austin, TX – Four Points Chamber of Commerce partnering with the Austin WordPress Meetup bringing a WordPress Educational Series to Four Points to help educate people looking to build and maintain a website powered by WordPress.  This partnership will provide hands on Building and Administering Your WordPress Site for Beginners Series in a series of 7 classes.

These free classes are open to the public and will provide hands-on training. After attending the 7 classes, students will be well prepared to build and maintain a WordPress website or blog.

Meetings are on the third Monday of the month and the first is July 15, 2013 from 7pm – 9pm at Austin Baptist Church, located at 7016 Ribelin Ranch Dr, Austin, TX 78750.

The Austin WordPress community is unique as it has many world recognized experts in the field and they help others learn how to use WordPress.  The Austin WordPress group is over 1500 members strong and has the most active Blog out of the worldwide WordPress Meetups.  The organization is run by volunteers who love and support WordPress.

Below is the detailed curriculum:

Hands-On WordPress Meetup Schedule

Building and Administering Your WordPress Site for Beginners Series

Third Monday of Each Month Starting July 2013, from 7pm-9pm

Austin Baptist Church


1. Getting Started with WordPress – Installing WordPress and Understanding the Dashboard (July 15, 2013) 

This beginner’s presentation is aimed at new users who are not yet familiar with how to install WordPress, create a basic site, or understand the functions of the WordPress Dashboard. We’ll demonstrate each section and point out some recommended settings that will be helpful to content creators. By the end of the presentation, the attendees will be familiar with the WordPress installation process, and be comfortable using the WordPress Dashboard, understand user roles and how to set critical WordPress configurations.

2. Sensible Site Navigation —Building an Information Structure (August 19, 2013)

How to plan and build your WordPress site keeping the end in mind by using the WordPress functions to structure site navigation to match your site plan. This presentation will focus on the difference between a page and a post, how to use Categories and Tags to build your navigation structure. We will also review how to use the WordPress linking strategy to give the search engine spiders clear and distinct paths to follow that will improve your site’s search engine rankings. The session closes with how to use a site maintenance schedule to keep your online business on track and making money.

3. How to Choose and Install a WordPress Theme (September 16, 2013)

There are thousands of free themes available on, and that doesn’t even include all of the premium themes and frameworks that are available, much less the option for creating a custom theme. With all those options in mind, choosing between all of these themes can be bewildering. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This month, we will discuss how to make smart choices when picking out a theme for your site. We will discuss how your theme relates to your site’s structure, purpose, and audience, and how to find a theme that offers you the right amount of custom options and features to best suit your needs.

We will also devote part of our meeting to audience questions and theme suggestions, so if you’re in the middle of this dilemma now and are looking for ideas – or if you have a favorite theme you’d like to discuss – this would be a great opportunity to do so. Bring your laptops and your questions!

4. Best Practices for Effective Content Creation (October 21, 2013)

This Hands-On WordPress presentation will focus on the tools and processes available to help you develop and implement a winning content creation strategy. After making all the hard choices to design and develop a great looking website every website owner faces the same problem — “feed the beast” syndrome. How do we continually produce steady stream of engaging content for our WordPress site? How often should we update the content on our site’s ‘static’ pages? What can we do to add some dynamic content to our static pages to keep the search spiders coming back? We will discuss both offline and online tools and resources to help you brainstorm topics for your site’s blog, produce great content for your target audience, and ways to use that content to your build your online community. This presentation will cover the use categories in content organization, styles of written content that are most effective, curating content, mobile-friendly content formats, and the increasing importance of photos & video content.

5. Image Handling: Understanding the Basics of WordPress Media (November 18, 2013)

Good photos, logos, icons and other images on a site are key to a website’s appeal, popularity and conversion rates. We will review uploading images in pages and posts, including the media settings, size options, as well as default image sizes – resizing images, creating thumbnails and the value of the alt tag and captions for SEO.

The presentation will also demonstrate how to use the WordPress built-in image alignment features and help attendees understand how images interact with the text; and will include wrapping text around images, changing margins, padding and borders around the images within the content and when and how to use the ‘Featured Image’ option. Photoblogs and Galleries will also be discussed, as well as some of the best plugins to use to manage and/or display images. We will close with a Q&A. Please bring your computer and your questions about image handling in WordPress.

Reminder: This is a class designed for those new to WordPress. We will not be discussing advanced image handling techniques. If you have advanced questions please save them for the Q&A at the next general WordPress Meetup.

6. Sane Approach to SEO (December 16, 2013)

Creating a well organized, visually captivating WordPress website with interesting and helpful content, without understanding how to get your site found by search engines, is common problem for those new to internet marketing. Planning and building your site is just step one in the process of building a successful online presence. Join us for a presentation that demystifies the SEO jargon that has held you back from exploiting the true power of the web, and equips you to get your site indexed by search engines and seen by millions of potential customers around the world.

A sane approach to search engine optimization has nothing to do with luck or black-hat-trickery, but it has a lot to do with focused action steps and consistency. Join us at this month’s Hands-On WordPress Meetup to learn how to structure a Sane Approach to SEO.

7. Simple Ways to Secure and Maintain Your WordPress Website (January 20, 2014)

The good news is that WordPress is the most commonly used platform for websites on the web – 14% of all sites, and nearly 55% of site that use a Content Management System. That’s also the bad news because big targets attract hackers. We will take you through the mind and methods of a hacker, the most common mistakes made in installing and maintaining your WordPress site, and then show you a series of easy and common sense steps to make your WordPress safe and secure. It’s not hard, and it’s not scary once you know how. Topics will include general security best practices, backups, and disaster recovery. Please bring your security related questions and concerns for post presentation Q&A.

You can find all the details and register on the Four Points Chamber of Commerce Web site  While you are at the Chamber’s Web site be sure to check out the other networking activities offered by the chamber, including the bi-monthly Connectors networking meetings, happy hours and luncheons.

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