FPC Biggest Loser – FINAL Update!!!



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Four Points Chamber “Biggest Loser”

FINAL Update!!!

Austin TX April 28 2013 —


Well, here we are: ten weeks since competitors began the Four Points “Biggest Loser” Challenge. It’s all over, and here are the final results!!!


For percentage of weight lost, the winner is: Nicole Cobb, with 11.51% of weight lost!

For BMI change, the winner is: Nicole Cobb, with a total decrease of 3!

For total inches lost, the winner is Nicole Cobb, who lost 14 total inches!!

Well, if it’s not 100% clear at this point, the runaway winner is…..drumroll please…….


Nicole Cobb, with an aggregate score (formula predetermined) of:

42.93 points!!

The rest of the overall leaderboard is as follows:

Wendy  Prindle (39.21 Pts.)

Kelly Clark (35.31 Pts.)

Jon Fletcher (30.06 Pts.)

David Prickett (23.24 Pts.)

Tracy Coffman (18.33 Pts.)

Not sure what she did the last couple weeks, but Nicole put it into high gear and just crushed the competition in the end. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us on this journey, and I look forward to doing it again next year!!

For further information about the Four Points Chamber or Camp Gladiator, please contact Shelby Bowden.