Launched in Steiner Ranch – Ready to do more without buying more?





Now, Steiner Ranch residents have the ability to help their neighbors do more while making a few extra dollars.

AUSTIN, TX, MARCH 1, 2013 / / — Recently launched in Steiner Ranch, is a community based site that provides a platform for neighbors to lend and borrow items from each other.  ShedStreet is based on the premise that we all have very nice things that we use only once or twice a year. While we may have too many items, our desire to do more remains strong.

ShedStreet provides its members a platform to effectively increase the amount of things to do without increasing the amount of stuff piled up in the garage by providing a lend/borrow platform for the neighborhood.

For example, if you have an urge to take up Kayaking. Your choices are: go to the local sporting goods store and buy one or go to the only rental shop in town that is located 20 miles away. Now, with ShedStreet, you can find neighbors that have a kayak that they are willing to rent to you. Try it out and then decide if it is for you or not. Or best, only rent it when you feel the need to get down to the lake. This model works well for tools (a ladder to change a light bulb), party supplies (tables and chairs, a bouncy house or a large outdoor screen), and sports equipment.  Before you buy it, check the Street!

“ShedStreet is all about neighbors helping neighbors and building a more connected community,” said Eric Hiduke, co-founder of

In keeping with the community theme, ShedStreet also provides a Services section where neighbors can share their professional or part-time services with others in the community.  “Keeping the site local is the key for ShedStreet,” says Michael Heldebrandt, co-founder of was started by 2 Steiner Ranch residents, Michael Heldebrandt and Eric Hiduke, who believe strongly that there is an opportunity for the community to share more and do more without adding to the pile of stuff in the garage.

ShedStreet is a members-only site and members must be a part of the neighborhood for which they register. Steiner Ranch is the first community and over time ShedStreet will expand to more neighborhoods.


For any inquiries please feel free to contact Michael Heldebrandt or Eric Hiduke via the following:



Phone:                                 888.254.4884