Four Points “Biggest Loser” – Update 1

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Four Points “Biggest Loser”

Initial Update

Austin TX February 27, 2013 —

It’s been two weeks since competitors began the Four Points “Biggest Loser” Challenge. Here we are with first update!

For percentage of weight lost, the leader so far is: Wendy Prindle, with 3.76% of weight lost!

For BMI change, the leader is: David Prickett, with a decrease of 1.1!

For total inches lost, the leader is a tie, between Jon Fletcher and Nicole Cobb, who’ve both lost 5.5 inches already!!

Finally, our overall leader to date is…..drumroll please…….

Wendy Prindle, with an aggregate score (formula predetermined) of:

42. 36 points!!

The rest of the overall leaderboard is as follows:

Nicole Cobb (39.64 Pts.)

Ron Mackey (38.82 Pts.)

Jon Fletcher (38.19 Pts.)

David Prickett (37.21 (Pts.)

Kelly Clark(32.47 Pts.)

Tracy Coffman (31.09 Pts.)

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For further information about the Four Points Chamber or Camp Gladiator, or if you’d like to attend the weigh-ins or camp for laughs and fun, please contact Shelby Bowden.