Austin Business Management Consultant Publishes Book on Cloud Office Automation

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Austin Business Management Consultant Publishes Book on Cloud Office Automation

Kimberlee Augustine, CPA, an Austin-based business management consultant, shares her expertise with small business owners in her new book Cloud Computing Simplified for Small Businesses: Five Steps for Successful Cloud Office Automation, coauthored by freelance writer Roy Rasmussen. Written for non-technical readers with a practical business orientation, the book lays out a system for migrating paperwork and personnel to the cloud in order to automate office tasks such as accounting, email management, and calendar management.

The book draws from Augustine’s experience running DMS & Associates, an Austin company that helps small businesses with automated bookkeeping, office automation, and cloud migration. “I came to the cloud as an experienced entrepreneur with a background in accounting and tax preparation,” Augustine shares in the introduction. “I saw the cloud as a way to help bookkeeping clients save time, money, and stress by automating tedious accounting and tax preparation tasks. I discovered that by applying accounting techniques to how I managed information flow in the cloud, I could help clients streamline other business functions as well. I’ve been able to save some of my clients tens of thousands of dollars annually by following the procedures outlined in this book.”

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions and in ebook format on the DMS & Associates website. For more information, please visit the website at or contact Mrs. Augustine at, (512) 366-8529, or (877) 401-1525 (toll free).