ThunderCloud Subs Adds Solar Power on Hwy 620 Store

Four Points location ThunderCloud Subs Goes Solar

Austin, TX . . . . Sunny days are ahead for one ThunderCloud Subs location. With the installation of an 8,400 watt Solar PV system on the Four Points Northwest Austin store, Thundercloud has taken another step toward their mission of providing affordable food.

ThunderCloud Subs co-owner Mike Haggerty was looking for long term savings to help sustain ThunderCloud’s tradition of delivering a high quality product for less. Two factors solidified Haggerty’s decision to install solar into the Hwy 620 location: the ability to lock in a low electricity rate long-term, and a sense that it was the right thing to do. “When I realized we could install solar at a price that made financial sense, I was thrilled,” Haggerty explained. “Being uniquely Austin means participating in an environmentally conscious and healthy community. This was a business decision that makes sense as a long term investment. I hope with ThunderCloud’s visibility in the community we can provide a working example for solar as a viable component in the energy portfolio for even a small business like ours.”

ThunderCloud selected Austin-based Circular Energy to design and install the rooftop system. “We are excited to be working with Circular because they are professional and knowledgeable. Their friendly people completely fit our culture said Haggerty. Vincent Guerrero, VP of Technology at Circular Energy, added “This has been such an exciting project for us. Serving a client that usually serves me has been such a privilege. The system looks amazing and I’m expecting Thundercloud and its clients to benefit for the next several decades.” Circular Energy completed the installation in 2012, and the system will be commissioned in June. With the available performance-based incentives from Austin Energy, the completed system is expected to save this store at least $3,000 on their annual electric bills.

Since 1975, ThunderCloud Subs has been Austin’s original neighborhood sub shop with a rich tradition of serving fresh, fast and healthy food in a comfortable atmosphere. ThunderCloud operates 30 locations in Central Texas.

Circular Energy is a professional solar PV design and implementation firm based in Austin. The organization provides solar energy solutions to architects, developers, businesses and homeowners, offering consulting and design work nation-wide and installation services in Texas.