Four Points Chamber speaker share power of connecting

From the Hill Country News:

RIVER PLACE — Author Steve Harper shared tips on how to improve the power of connecting at the Four Points Chamber Luncheon on Feb. 17.

Harper, author of “The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Your Life and Business,” calls a ripple any action that makes an impact.

He teaches how to deepen and strengthen connections through “rippling” or making a series of actions that make an impact.

These steps can have measurable results in building long-term client relationships, making work and home life more fulfilling, making influential connections, creating more opportunities and opening more doors.

Harper encouraged the business community to set themselves apart by making real connections and getting people’s back story.

Harper said one mantra he lives by is “The Treasure Chest Principle: People are an unbelievable treasure chest of opportunity if you just take the time to pick the lock, lift the lid and look at what’s inside.”

For information on next month’s chamber luncheon visit the chamber website